Board of Trustees

Oak Knoll Montessori School is incorporated as a non-profit, public benefit corporation and governed by a self-perpetuating, voluntary Board of Trustees. The Board serves as the custodian of the integrity of the school, holding in trust the school’s future, as well as its present. Included among the Board’s responsibilities are determining the school’s mission, setting strategic direction, hiring and supporting the Chief Executive Officer/Head of School (who sits on the Board in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity), ensuring effective organizational planning and adequate financial resources, and assessing its own performance. The Board meets regularly throughout the school year and holds two open Board meetings (one in the Fall and another in the Spring), to which all community members are invited. The annual meeting of the Board is held each May and at that meeting the Board elects its Officers who currently are the following Trustees:


President - Candice-Leigh Baumgardner
Vice President - Cynthia Rowand
Treasurer - Rupert Grant
Secretary - Tricia Lanza


As dictated by the school’s Bylaws, the Board is comprised of a minimum of five Trustees who are nominated by the Committee on Trustees and Governance which, among other responsibilities, is charged with identifying potential Trustees. A highly functioning board has a blend of talents and backgrounds that work in concert to support the institution in fulfilling its mission and setting and monitoring policy. The qualities common to all Trustees are the commitment of time to serve, the commitment of resources to provide leadership in the school’s fundraising activities, and the commitment of support of the vision, mission and strategic direction for the school and for the Chief Executive Officer in discharging her responsibilities. Prospective Trustees nominated by the Committee on Trustees and Governance must be voted on by the full Board.